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Q: How quickly can you initiate service?

You can call us 24/7 to arrange for an immediate in home assessment.

Q: Do you conduct a home visit before starting the home care service?

Yes. We will provide an in home assessment at your convenience to ensure your loved one receives the home care services that are right for you.

Q: Does WFC provide 24/7 telephone service?


Q: Does WFC have an administrative staff I my contact for information? Do you have a registered nurse on staff?


Q: What qualifications, certifications, experience and training do you require of your caregivers?

Our caregivers are all New York State Certified Home Health Aides (HHA). Their credentials are verified and they undergo an in depth, thorough professional testing and screening process which includes a criminal and background check, initial and continuous drug testing and health exam.

Q: Does WFC carry liability insurance coverage? Are your caregivers bonded and insured?


Q: How do you supervise your workers to make sure the proper care is given?

You will receive quality assurance calls and visits from our registered nurse to ensure quality care.

Q: Does WFC provide training to caregivers including orientation and ongoing service?

Once our caregivers pass all our initial rigorous testing, they are given an initial orientation and regular continuing education.

Q: Does your agency have a systematic method for tracking caregiver’s arrival and departure from clients’ homes?

Yes we use a state of the art telephony system to record arrival, departure and completion of care tasks from a clients’ home phone.