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Senior Transportation Services

Get Reliable Transportation for Doctor's Appointments, Filling Prescriptions, and Local Errands

Loved ones that receive home care assistance often require reliable transportation to keep up with weekly doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions, and running daily errands. Westchester Family Care offers transportation to seniors, in addition to home care services.


Most seniors want to live in the comfort of their homes for as long as possible, and we believe they deserve that opportunity. If you or your loved one needs assistance with non-emergency medical transportation, our New York Certified Home Health Aides can help.

Our Transportation Services

Travel with our Caregivers

Located in Mamaroneck, our highly trained and professional caregivers can provide transportation to clients who frequently need assistance getting to doctor appointments, the local pharmacy, or shopping. Depending on your preference, care providers can use their own vehicle, the client's vehicle, or one of our partnered senior transportation services. We also perform quality assurance background checks to ensure our caregivers have a valid license, registration, insurance, and that their driving records are accurate for the safety of your loved one.

Travel with Uber Health

For home care clients interested in using a ride-share service, we partner with Uber Health to provide accessible transportation for seniors. Our coordinators will facilitate the ride through our dispatch service, and your loved one will be contacted by their driver for fast and reliable transportation.

Travel with Ride A Wav

We partner with Ride A Wav to provide non-emergency medical transportation services. Whether your loved one uses a wheelchair or needs assistance entering and exiting vehicles, Ride A Wav can offer a helping hand. Let our coordinators help facilitate contact with specialty seniors transportation services throughout Westchester County.

Arrive Safely and On Time

Access to transportation and the ability to stay mobile are essential for maintaining a good quality of life. Westchester Family Care is always looking for ways in which we can provide safe and reliable transportation services for seniors at an affordable cost. 


For seniors in need of transportation and home care, our thoroughly vetted and certified caregivers can help keep you active and on the move.

Our personal transportation services can assist your loved one with:

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Medical appointments, doctor’s visits, and blood tests.

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Filling prescriptions at local pharmacies.

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Daily errands such as banking or picking up groceries.

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Social events and engagements.

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Shopping at their favorite mall or stores.

Transportation Services FAQ

What senior transportation service do you offer?

  • We understand that everyone’s needs are different. To help our clients maintain their health and independence, we provide transportation services for medical appointments, shopping, errands, and more.

    Your assigned caregiver can provide transportation around Westchester County, NY, using their personal vehicle or yours, depending on your comfort. For those with greater mobility needs, pressing emergency matters, or who need to travel further, we partner with Uber Health and Assisted Transportation.

What are the most common senior transportation services?

  • Your caregivers take their clients to doctor’s appointments, senior centers, beauty salons, restaurants, and places of worship, to name a few. Transportation services for seniors are vital in helping them maintain their independence and health.

    Companionship is also an important aspect! Shopping, meals out, and attending social events are the most frequent and anticipated trips with our caregivers.

What areas do you serve?

  • Our caregivers provide transportation to their clients around Westchester County, NY. We partner with other transportation services to help clients travel around the Sound Shore, Hudson River, and Northern Westchester areas.

When do you operate?

  • We can help facilitate rides for our clients 24/7.

Who is eligible to use Westchester Family Care’s transportation services?

  • Typically, our transportation services are for clients who are receiving in-home care services through Westchester Family Care. We can help families around the Westchester areas get in contact with Uber Health and Assisted Transportation services if necessary.

How do I request a ride?

  • All you need to do is be a client of Westchester Family Care and give us a call at 914-764-7500.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Arrange if your caregiver or another senior transportation service is picking you up.
  • If necessary, decide if the caregiver will use their personal car or the client’s.
  • Discuss and confirm location and pick-up time.

What if I require a wheelchair?

  • We are partnered with Assisted Transportation and can help arrange for an ambulette to take you to doctor’s appointments and medical facilities.

Do you have insurance?

  • Yes. We provide professional liability insurance to supplement auto insurance policies for our caregivers. All of our caregivers are insured. For our employees to use a client’s vehicle, it must also be insured by the owner.

Do transportation services help seniors stay independent?

  • Yes. Senior transportation and rideshare options help older adults get where they need to go securely. Getting older doesn’t mean it’s necessarily time to stop driving, but as we age, certain tasks can become more challenging. Having other options for transportation enables seniors to travel safely without worry.

Here’s how you can talk to your older loved one about alternative modes of transportation for seniors.

Call Us Today and Let Our Family Start Caring for Yours

Adhering to regular doctor checkups, blood tests, and prescriptions can be difficult without access to transportation. Knowing that your loved one has transportation when and where they need it is comforting, and our compassionate caregivers can help make that a reality.


Contact Westchester Family Care today to talk about our personal transportation services and elderly care plans that will help your loved one age in place. We’re available 24/7 to speak with families in Westchester County, NY. We look forward to hearing from you!

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