Fall Prevention and Home Safety for Seniors

Falls are the leading cause of hospitalization for older adults and those with cognitive challenges, and can seriously threaten your older relatives and loved ones’ independence and safety. Fortunately, with the right safety measures in place, accidental falls can be prevented.

As we age, keeping living space clutter-free and accessible can be a challenge. To help seniors remain independent and healthy in the homes they love, Westchester Family Care offers fall prevention programs tailored to individual needs.


Keep Your Loved One Safe and Mobile with Senior Fall Prevention Services

We understand the importance of home accessibility for the elderly and those with cognitive disabilities. It’s always better to plan in advance, and fall prevention is one of the best ways to help your loved one age with dignity and grace.

Our services are designed to help your loved one get the personal assistance or equipment they need to stay mobile and independent at home. We work with seniors and their family members one on one to provide professional advice, safety inductions, and tools to ensure that their living space is suitable for aging in place safely.

Our fall prevention senior care plans offer patients and their families:

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Home safety evaluations and fall prevention programs.

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Decluttering living spaces to improve home safety precautions.

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Bedbound repositioning and ulcer prevention.

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Transfer assistance with beds, chairs, toilets, stairs and equipment selection.

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Assistance with walking and using transfer assistance equipment.

Fall Prevention FAQ

About 56% of falls occur inside the home, according to the World Health Organization. Of those incidents, the most frequent locations were the bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.
  • Falling always poses a potential risk of injury, but as we get older, the likelihood of getting injured by falling inside your home increases substantially. In fact, about 1 in 3 Americans over 65 years old fall every year.
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common non-fatal trauma-related hospital admission among older adults. Senior who fall indoors are more likely to fracture their hip, which leads to additional health complications, increased risk of a fall recurring, and higher readmission rates.

Research shows that the best way to mitigate the risk of falling is through a multi-factored approach. These are some ways to reduce accidents in the house:

  • Tidy walkways and rooms
  • Manage medication; especially side effects include dizziness
  • Engage in physical activity
  • Improve interior lighting and add night lights
  • Wear sensible shoes
  • Have a life alert system
  • Use safety equipment like walkers, canes, ramps, grabs bars, and chair lifts
  • When you start your care journey with us, our trained staff will do an initial home assessment and provide recommendations on how to improve mobility and prevent falls. For example, we might recommend decluttering walkways, using a walker or cane, or installing a chair lift for stairs.
  • If your loved one is being discharged, we will work with you to ensure proper care is maintained throughout.  We will develop a formalized care plan monitored through a supervisory RN and assist with organizing spaces, repositioning, transfer assistance, and mobility assistance. We document our work to ensure we’re providing your loved one with the best care to avoid readmission.
  • To further help seniors at home, we also partner with Philips Lifeline. It's recommended that all older adults have a life alert system in their home in case of emergencies.

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If falls are a concern, contact us today and see how we can create a safe environment at home for your loved one. Our personalized care plans and compassionate professionals can help provide your loved one with the quality of life they deserve.

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