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The WFC Story

Our Story

Who are we? We are you.

A family who has dealt with the challenges and restrictions that come with aging, illness and disabilities.

In September 2010, my mother, my mother-in-law and my aunt were all diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. We were devastated and needless to say we were overwhelmed. We were unsure about what to expect. What were our options? We knew we had work to do and our journey began. We learned about Alzheimer’s and dementia and about current treatments which were available. We learned how to properly care for our loved ones. We also learned that we needed to care for ourselves. We learned a lot and we continue to learn.

Since then, we have shared our story with many friends and acquaintances. We quickly realized that there were many families like ours who were dealing not only with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia but an entire array of illnesses and disabilities. And like us, they wanted their loved one to be cared for and to be safe and to be home but they needed help. We found that sharing what we had learned through our experience was not only helpful to others but gratifying for us.

So this became our mission and Westchester Family Care was born.

So why do we care? We care because we understand the pain, the sadness and the confusion. We’ve been there. We understand that every client and personal situation is different and requires an individual, customized solution. We also know that your health and peace of mind are important too.