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What is Home Care?

There are many different reasons and different times in one's life when a person may need assistance with the daily activities of living. Home care can be care at home to assist someone on the road to recovery after an accident or hospital stay. Or it can be sustaining and maintaining your loved one’s quality of life at home whether they have Alzheimer’s or dementia or another illness that may limit their ability to care for themselves.

Elder Care

WFC can help make aging at home possible

By running routine errands, light housekeeping, and providing a helping hand with the everyday tasks that often become more difficult for the elderly. Staying at home does not have to result in isolation and loneliness. In fact, our eldercare services often bring caring companionship, an opportunity for relationship building and sharing, humor and a sense of purpose back into the lives of our clients.

Eldercare is provided round-the-clock by regularly scheduled home care aides

We can provide short and long term care for your loved one with regularly scheduled caregivers who are our trained, committed employees. Working together in shifts, we are able to provide a continuous solution for your loved one's safety and security.

In home care can provide meaningful companionship for people who have limited social engagement due to health problems

A need for 24-hour care in the home may last for a few days or for many years. Continuous round-the-clock care can maximize the time that someone has with their family, while also making them comfortable and safe.

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Female home health aide providing companionship services for loved one

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

When a person lives with dementia, it makes them vulnerable

It is a disease that affects every part of their life – from the moment they wake up in the morning until they get into bed at night. It can leave them feeling disoriented and scared if they wake up after a bad dream. People living with dementia continually deal with anxiety, depression, and often withdraw from the outside world, creating self-imposed isolation.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s can impact every moment

It can diminish a person’s senses – even changing the tastes and aromas they once enjoyed. Sounds that once brought smiles and comfort evolve into just noise. Even what a person sees gets interpreted differently in the brain. What a person living with dementia or Alzheimer’s used to do easily every day now become insurmountable challenges. Our Alzheimer’s care finds ways to climb those mountains and provide the quality of life that not only are they used to, but that they deserve.

WFC’s trained caregivers are there help maintain your loved one’s dignity and independence

We feel it’s essential to find ways to ease the emotional frustrations that come with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related disorders. These difficulties don’t just affect the person with the condition, but the entire family. Trained caregivers bring families closer together so they all can support the person living with dementia.

Care for Degenerative Illnesses

We have experience with all forms of Degenerative Illnesses

Whether you or a loved one is coping with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), recovering from a stroke, or has been diagnosed with a form of dementia such as Lewy Body disease, Westchester Family Care can help them at home.

A degenerative disorder can make daily tasks difficult

Personal-care teams can help with what used to be simple such as bathing, getting dressed, and fixing meals – making sure your loved one remains independent as they receive help with their daily activities.

Seniors staying active, enjoying life to the fullest
Compassionate caregiver holding hands with senior

Care for Chronic Disorders

WFC can provide care for those with chronic health conditions

We are your long term partners in care alleviating the stress caused by the unpredictable changes to your loved one diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Our services help maintain a safe home environment and provide the extra help with errands and housekeeping that allow you to live as independently as possible. When mobility becomes difficult, we can properly and safely transfer our clients from bed to bathroom to living areas using whatever equipment is needed, not forgetting the importance of fresh air and sunshine on emotional well-being.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s can impact every moment

Managing family caregiver burnout through respite care is an important component of caring for individuals with chronic health conditions; elder care professionals can step in to give you a much needed break.

Care for all ages

Most people today have busy and challenging lives

And though they would like to, they cannot always stay home with their sick child, bedridden spouse or recovering father due to important commitments at work.

Westchester Family Care offers an array of affordable services customized for people of all ages

We care for children, elderly parents, a mentally challenged young adult, or a spouse after surgery.

The same flexible home care service you’ve grown to trust in elder care is available for people of all ages dealing with any type of health care or life situation.

Providing relief for you and your family with knowledgeable caregivers is our top priority

The last thing those with a myriad of responsibilities needs is to shoulder a care situation alone, without the support of a caregiving team. Too many of us don’t know where to turn when a loved one needs assistance. We may be unprepared due to a last minute change in condition, or schedule or if the regular care plan falls through. We are ready when you are in a crunch, with trained caregiver employees who are fully background checked, bonded and insured. The personalities of the caregiver and the client are a critical component of the match; we go to great lengths to make sure the pairing will succeed.

Male home health aide provides senior with assistance

Contacting Westchester Family Care for in-home care is easy!

Our compassionate care team will answer any questions you have and walk you through the process of getting in-home care.

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