Actively Aging at the Track

The Saratoga Horse Racing season is back, which, for WFC Founder Glenn Lane, brings to mind his lifelong interest in horse racing. A recent article about Hall of Fame trainer Ron McAnally turning 90 years old also reminds Glenn of his early history as an Owner and how he remains in close contact with friends who are actively aging in the horse racing business.

Glenn Lane’s grandfather got involved in horse racing in the mid-1940s, and it’s been a presence in his life since he can remember.

  • It’s been a big part of my life, especially when I was an active Owner in the 1980’s. At one point, I employed 40 people in the care of horses.”
  • “And it’s a business that once people get involved, they stay involved in it through the senior years, especially who are trainers and those involved of the care of this magnificent animals. It’s a devotion like nothing I’ve really ever seen.”

Even though it has become more of a younger person’s business, some people in their 80s and 90s are active and still successful at it. Glenn observes that there are a lot of older people in the business who just love it and continue on. “Horse racing is an entire world unto itself,” he says.

Horse racing intrigues successful people who enter the business from other industries. Since most Owners lose money, it can be more of a hobby than a business. And while some people make money, it’s a tremendous amount of fun for everyone.

The connections Glenn has made along the way are lifelong, with many friendships dating back fifty years. While he was an active owner, Glenn had multiple trainers across the country with the main runners in the Northeast.

A very special bond for Glenn is with trainer, King Leatherbury, a legendary figure in the sport whom Glenn is still in touch with on a frequent basis. King is among the winningest trainers in history and counts over 6,500 wins! Many of those wins were with horses Glenn owned. Glenn was honored to induct Leatherbury into the Racing Hall of Fame seven years ago in August 2015. In his induction speech, Glenn said of Leatherbury: “He may not go to the barn as often as the traditional horsemen, but his instincts and experience always enabled him to make the best possible decisions.

Source: Washington Post

Trainer King Leatherbury


Leatherbury shares his status as a champion along with noteworthy horses who’ve won races well into their golden years. A CBS Sunday Morning segment from the early 80’s featured 13-year-old Port Conway Lane, a horse Leatherbury had trained previously and asked Glenn to re-purchase as he was approaching his 50th win. The clip below shows Port Conway Lane achieving his unheard-of 50th win. Actively aging, indeed!

Source: CBS Sunday News with Charles Kurault

charles kurault


Glenn Lane may no longer own or race horses for his part, but he remains a fan of the sport and its aging seniors – both human and equine. He likes to think he lives vicariously through friends’ success who are still active in the business. And when he reflects on his current passion of caring for aging seniors, he half-jokingly tracks it back to the care and attention he lavished on his thoroughbreds 30+ years ago.

Active Aging: Good for horses, their trainers, and their owners.

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