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Notes from Glenn entering the 17th week of supporting our Clients and Caregivers, with office team & nurses working remotely.

Peace & Love to 80 Year Old Ringo Starr!

big-birthday-show old ringo

Last week on July 7th exactly at noon, you might have heard some of us shouting ‘Peace and Love’ to celebrate Ringo Starr’s 80th Birthday. This Peace-and-Love-Minute-at-Noon started in 2008 when a journalist asked Ringo “what would you like fans to give you on your birthday?” Do you remember that? Said Richard Starkey, at age 68: “At noon on my birthday on the 7th of July, wherever you are, just go:


Thus began a tradition to celebrate one of the most beloved rock stars in our lifetime. At the same time, it’s a testament to the notion that you’re only as old as you feel inside. Appropriately, there’s an incredible feel-good video that Ringo and his friends put together this year to celebrate his milestone 80th birthday.

Please check it out and take it from this Baby Boomer, Love Is All You Need!

As part of his party effort, Ringo encouraged donations to several of his own favorite and current topical charities:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • David Lynch Foundation
  • WaterAid
  • MusicCares


Remember that Ringo married that “Bond Girl” from 007 movies, Barbara Bach? Thirty-nine years later they’re still together:


Need other encouragement? Sheryl Crow sings All You Need is Love using six different instruments. This 58-year-old cancer survivor who lives with a benign brain tumor is inspiration to so many to never give up.

sheryl-crow sheryl-crow

“Just another day not at the office for Catherine” … 

Our Director of Business Development, Catherine Lanza, just keeps going for our clients and families:

This was a typical workday for Catherine last week:

  1. Preparing a Home for New Client’s Return – As an expression of how she continually goes above and beyond, Catherine is preparing the return of a new client to her home. She is 95 and has been in an Assisted Living Facility but now prefers to return to her longtime home in the community.The client’s home is in a state of clutter and disrepair. So, with the client’s Power of Attorney, Catherine has worked with our partners to make the home livable again.  Catherine supervised a Professional Organizer and is making arrangements for a cleaning and painting service.  The last step will be fitting out the lower level with the necessary equipment for the client’s safety and to reduce the trips upstairs to the living area.  We very much appreciate the confidence and support of our referral partner entrusting the project and her client’s care to WFC.Driving a Client to MD Appointment – On the same day, Catherine volunteered to take a client to her medical appointment. The client’s caregiver doesn’t drive and normally, WFC provides an Uber ride for the necessary transportation. This particular client preferred not to take the Uber because of her concerns about potential COVID exposure in spite of all the precautions Uber is taking for the safety of its Riders and Drivers. Catherine to the rescue.
  2. Doing a Mitzvah Paying Respects – On the same day, WFC learned that a favorite client had passed away unexpectedly. Catherine made time to give condolences to the family at the client’s Wake.

“That’s what I do. Giving is so much better if you’re able to do it. They just appreciate it more.”

-Catherine Lanza, on Community Relations

Daughter’s Artful Photo Essay of Mom w/Dementia

I was so moved by a recent New York Times story and photo essay about a daughter chronicling her mother’s dementia journey.

man holding bird

Cheryle St. Onge and her mother have a long and loving relationship, owing to the early death of her father and leaving his widow, at age 37 to raise their 14 year-old daughter alone. Cheryle’s mom went on to have a 15-year Administrator’s career at the University of New Hampshire. She was also a master carver of finches, eagles, owls and other birds out of wood.

“She knew every bird call, every feather, their feeding and flight patterns.”

-Cheryle St. Onge, NYT, June 25, 2020

Cheryle St. Onge’s mother has been living through progressive dementia for the past five years. Cheryle has been caring for her but struggled with depression for the first three years. A Guggenheim Fellow in Photography, Cheryle found that chronicling her mom’s journey has given her a more positive perspective.

Her NYT piece along with gorgeous photos of her mother’s activities are celebratory and stand as an appreciation of the passages she has been through. It’s an extraordinary tribute in words and images and further proof that age and disabilities don’t have to be the end of life.

How the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is Helping to Stop the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, announced that they had participated in a virtual Coronavirus Global Response Summit on May 4th, 2020 which raised an astounding $80 Billion to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. The B&MG Foundation contributed $50 million toward this extraordinary effort. Taken together with previous financial commitments to fighting COVID, the Foundation has contributed $350 Million thus far.

“This is a unique situation; we are in a unique position to help. And today, we are announcing additional funding of $150 million that brings our total commitment so far to more than $250 million.” [Editor’s note: Since publication, the foundation’s total commitment now comes to more than $350 million.]

-Mark Suzman – CEO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

No strangers to pandemics, the Gates Foundation had spent years fighting HIV/AIDS and used that experience to be on forefront of other global diseases like H1N1 and COVID-19 itself. Before the first case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had already set up funds to fight the disease in the most vulnerable regions of the globe: Asia and Africa.

It’s inspiring to watch other types of Heroes play their role in the ongoing and troubling pandemic.


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