COVID Stories of Care | Carefully Reopening the Office

Notes from Glenn entering the 18th week of supporting our Clients and Caregivers, with office team & nurses working remotely.

WFC: Soft Reopening of the Office­­­

We are looking forward to a partial “soft” reopening of our Mamaroneck office starting on Monday, July 27th. The staffing plan includes have 1-2 staff members back in the office during new opening hours from 9:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday. All other office operations will continue remotely from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and Home Care Operations continue 24 hours/day.

We are currently conducting New York HHA training and certification classes at our Katonah, NY location.  Our Home Health Aide Training Program (HHTP) enables us to train and provide the NY HHA Certification to a qualified applicant in several scenarios, Including 2-day HHA Competency for former NY HHAs, 4-day CNA to HHA transition and 3-week full HHA classes for those who are new to professional caregiving.  The ability to offer in-person training again is a signal that WFC is returning to normal.  The HHATP and part of our new hire orientation are still conducted with in-person classes but most other aspects of our hiring and onboarding process are now virtual.

Our office technology upgrades continue smoothly. These include recruiting, virtual, paperless caregiver onboarding, as well as upgrading the day-to-day applications the office and nursing teams are using. These upgrades will provide a better user experience for both our office and caregiver teams.

We remain fortunate to have a steady volume of family inquiries and new clients starting care, who are onboarded seemlessly by our teams working remotely, in the office and our Nurses and Caregivers in the field. We are grateful for each of these referrals and, we especially appreciate referrals from past and present WFC clients who are a major source of new business for WFC.

Rockin’ in the Senior Care World

An enterprising Activities Director at a UK long-term care facility came up with an extremely creative exercise to lift his residents’ spirits during their COVID lockdown. Robert Speker, used the lockdown to pursue his idea to have residents pick their favorite album cover and then arranged for a photographer to duplicate the image but with the resident instead.

Here are two of the incredible results, which, unsurprisingly, have gone viral around the world

adele working men

Speker, who has won awards for his innovative work, said he hopes the increased attention on the plight of people in long-term care homes gets people thinking about adding value to the lives of the elderly.

We applaud Robert Speker and especially the residents whose 90-year-old faces can now be seen in their album cover glory. See the article for more on this story and more examples of how the innovative residents of Sydmar Lodge residents in Edgware, UK see their alternate selves.

Heineken, the Problem Solver

I was recently very moved by a piece of long form advertising for Heineken that was shown during a Web Conference on Implicit Bias in the Healthcare Industry.  It brings together people with diametrically opposed views on issues like feminism, climate change and transgender bias.  During the course of the 4-minute ad, views are expressed, pairs of opposing people are challenged to complete an exercise together and … well, have a look for yourself about ways in which we can bridge our differences during these times:

The 100-Year-Old Knight

Captain Tom Moore pledged to walk 100 laps in his English garden each day for ten days to support healthcare workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the help of a walker, Moore quickly surpassed his goal as his fundraising efforts soared to the millions. He expected to raise $1,200 for the British National Health System. By his 100th birthday, Moore’s charity walk had reached $40 million.

For his accomplishment, “Captain Tom” was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, catapulted to worldwide fame and earned the promotion from Captain up to Colonel. All, at the age of 100!



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