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Notes from Glenn entering the 8th week of supporting our Clients and Caregivers, with office team & nurses working remotely.

Cinco de Mayo at The Ambassador 

We were happy to co-sponsor a Cinco de Mayo lunch at The Ambassador, along with the world-class caterer, Ladle of Love. This was a very special event made possible by Geri Brooks, Vice President, Integrated Health Care, at The Ambassador who is an active and prominent voice in the New York senior care industry.

Here’s how Catherine Lanza, our Director of Business Development, described it:

Almuerza en el Embajador

Lunch at the Ambassador

On Tuesday, May 5th, a lunch fiesta was brought to the selfless nurses and caregivers at The Ambassador of Scarsdale. This was a savory 3-course gourmet meal (see photo for details) made lovingly by Leslie Lampert, the owner of Ladles of Love.

I was met at the front door with open arms from the Director of Operations, Joseph Lopuzzo. Some nurses and aides also peeked out and had a quick photo-op, before heading back inside to enjoy the lunch.

The feedback came right away: the food and the caring were a hit!

We find great pleasure in these random acts of kindness, and you should too!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


ZOOM Webinar for the Bronxville Adult School

We’re keeping up with The New Normal which, these days, means substituting in-person presentations with virtual ones. Catherine Lanza presented a webinar for the Bronxville Adult School, available to students on ZOOM last week.

The focus of the webinar is about preventing falls in the home among the elderly. Mary Massa, Curriculum Chair at the Bronxville Adult School hosted the ZOOM Webinar.

mary webinar

The seminar included a talk from Catherine about in-home falls, how to prevent them and WFC’s home safety assessment process. View webinar below.

Highlights of Catherine’s presentation included:

  • As many as 56% of falls occur inside the homes among seniors. 
  • Most frequent locations of these falls are the bathroom, kitchen and dining rooms. 
  • One-out-of-three people, 65 years or older, fall each year. 
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older adults.

Tips and strategies to promote fall prevention:

  1. Improve interior lighting and install night lights.
  2. Wear sensible shoes at home, not slippers.
  3. Use a Personal Emergency Response System.
  4. Use walkers, canes, grab bars, if needed.
  5. Use a bench or chair in the shower and toilet risers.
  6. Use a chairlift in homes with stairs.
  7. Declutter the home and clear pathways.
  8. Check medical prescriptions to see if dizziness may be a side effect; if so, take the medication before bed.
  9. Keep active. Take walks outside. If needed, use walking sticks.

This was followed by 10 minutes of stretching led by Lisa Snow, President of On the Mend Customized Fitness and Massage.

Then, Liam O’Keeffe, Store Owner of On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment, described the products available regarding in-home falls. 

Mary Massa came back on the ZOOM webinar to wrap it up with a lively Question-and-Answer period. 

Giving Tuesday

This traditional post Thanksgiving day of giving was supplemented in 2020 with an additional “Global day of unity and giving, organized in just six weeks, offered opportunities for hope and healing during pandemic.”  WFC made several contributions to local and national non-profit organizations and it’s not too late to make a contribution of any size.

Happy Nurse’s Day and Week!

Wednesday, May 6th, was Nurse’s Day and the beginning of National Nurse’s Week. WFC nurses and all nurses worldwide show compassion, expertise and trust. 

This year, they have been challenged like never before with many giving their lives to care for COVID-positive patients.

We salute all nurses for the heroes that they are and celebrate them this week, especially.

thank you nurses

Happy Mother’s Day, at The Club at Briarcliff Manor

On Friday May 8th, we dropped off Mother’s Day gifts for women residents and team members at the new community, the Club at Briarcliff Manor, to help them celebrate a non-traditional, socially distance Mother’s Day.   These beautifully wrapped gifts were hand-picked by Julie Cuomo from EILUJ, from her own boutique located in Katonah New York.

We were greeted by Nancy Campagna, the Director of Sales and Marketing, who helped us bring this to fruition.  These days, safety protocols are such that we needed to drop the gifts off forty-eight hours in advance so that each one can be sanitized and rendered disease-free. The New Mother’s Day Normal, indeed!  Nancy thanked us for the beautiful gifts and said everyone was surprised and appreciative, and it was a great way to honor women on Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s day postscript from 60 Minutes.  

We were already thinking a lot yesterday about our mothers and the other women who are moms in our lives and business.  Watching this 60 Minutes postscript reminded us how much we miss our moms and cherish our lifelong memories. They were the reason we started WFC. Happy Mother’s Day to our clients, our caregivers and our family of WFC mothers. Sending love to all and to those no longer with us.


Westchester Family Care Inc. assists people of all ages, by customizing home care plans to maintain a healthy quality of life and safety at home.

Contact WFC for an immediate family need or when planning for future needs:,

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