Doris and Marcus W


About Client

Doris and Marcus were an active older couple. Marcus was in his 90’s and Doris in her 80’s.  They were on service with us from 2017 to 2019.  They raised their children, who lived nearby, and were enjoying life in a 55+ development with their faithful dog, a stuffed animal like creature named Oliver.  Pictures of their children and grandchildren, adorned the home.

When you went to visit them, Doris was always in the house watching TV, or clipping coupons, or planning their next meal.  Marcus was usually at the gym, or outside with the dog.  They were a funny couple because Marcus was losing his hearing and Doris was constantly screaming at him to have a conversation.  Marc would hold his hand to his ear and say “I am hard of hearing”.  Doris was on a low salt diet, due to her heart issues,  but that did not stop her love of a good meal – she would always find the exact way to order her Chinese food, so she did not break any rules!

You could tell they loved each other very much, Doris was always afraid for Marcus’s health, as he was declining as time went on.  Marcus always put Doris on a pedestal, and rightly so.  She was the type of women you would call a “dame”.  A beautiful and tough woman.  When I went to her home to dispense her meds, a hug was always readily available for me.

At one time, they both ended up in the hospital, then in the same rehab together, even though Marc was declining, the comfort of knowing they were just down the hall from each other was enough for them.  When I went to visit Doris, she would say, “have you seen Marcus? How is he doing?

They finally went home after rehab, and Marcus was a mere shadow of his old self.  We had two aides at the home, one for Marcus, and one for Doris.  The aide for Marcus did an amazing job of getting him out of bed every day, getting him washed and dressed, even if it was only to sit in his favorite chair, or wander to the small patio right outside the sliding doors.  He and Doris knew it was only a matter of time.  He did pass away shortly after he arrived home, within the next few weeks.


We were so filled with sorrow, especially for Doris.  We did not know what to do for her, so we did something that filled her heart, and her stomach.  We ordered and delivered a spectacular lobster dinner for her and her family.  She was so thrilled!  We even took pictures!  She thoroughly enjoyed that meal, and it was good to see her happy!  The family was overwhelmed by our kindness!

We did still care for Doris, until her passing.  She left behind her dog, and we searched far and wide for a home, even some of our office was tempted to adopt that dog.  Her son found the dog a new owner, and we hear they are very happy!  Doris and Marcus are two clients we will never forget!