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HELLO, 2022!

We are off to a busy start in 2022. Our focus on Workforce First has stimulated a great deal of activity supporting our dedicated caregivers. We have responded to their feedback in several important areas for caregivers: compensation, benefits, and spotlighting excellent performance. In addition, we have created new positions to support our caregivers better and improve retention and recruitment.

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New WFC Roles to Support Caregivers

Spotlight Focus

Spotlight Focus

Keisha Terry, Employee Services Specialist

As our Employee Services Specialist, Keisha supports WFC caregivers’ success and job satisfaction. She acts as a liaison between our caregivers and HR, Scheduling and Clinical Teams, and improves internal communications. She accomplishes this by listening to caregivers’ concerns and then facilitating resolution with appropriate staff teams; by monitoring caregivers’ Job Satisfaction Research to follow up on their feedback. Keisha also educates caregivers on the extensive range of progressive company benefits available to them.

“The new Employee Services Specialist position draws on Keisha’s HR background and her WFC experience with the HR Coordination Teams as well. She’s a good listener and has been instrumental in designing the role for our needs. She is the ideal person to be an independent advocate and communicator for our caregivers’ concerns.”

– Glenn Lane, Founder/CEO

I have a different eye than others. I came to WFC with experience in advocating for professional staff in hospitals and other healthcare settings. At WFC, I’ve been on the frontline of giving care and now look forward to being part of the administration.”

            –Keisha Terry, Employee Services Specialist

Michelle Lyons, Caregiver Peer Liaison

As Caregiver Peer Liaison, Michelle supports caregiver satisfaction in different ways. This new WFC role offers another contact point for the caregiver – with a peer who isn’t their supervisor, nurse, or coordinator. Michelle is herself a current WFC caregiver and has been with us for over 5 years.

She provides a support system for all new caregivers starting up with WFC and helps to get caregivers up and running smoothly on the job. Michelle lets them know which department needs to be contacted with schedule changes, get help with clinicals, or make requests for items like PPE. She ensures that caregivers get the hours they want and are well-matched with clients based on wants and needs.

Teamwork is Everything

WFC successfully transitioned to the hybrid office model in February 2020, with all functions and communications being virtual and the office limited to facilitating in-person onboarding. In December, some key administrative staff went on well-deserved vacations that the pandemic had postponed.

Our teams did a great job in their absence, with Keisha Terry leading the Coordination Team and John Palma the HR Team. A huge THANK YOU to Keisha and John for how they handled this highly challenging period with holidays, caregiver vacations, snowstorms, and Omicron!

Founder Glenn Lane: “It was so great to see how the entire team stepped up and how deep our bench is.

caregiver caregiver-2

Kick-Off Meeting

We convened in the office for a fill-day Kick-Off Meeting in late January with all staff, including those who had returned from vacations. Andrea Brown, CEO/President of AB Coaching and Consulting moderated and facilitated the discussion.

The meeting’s focus and purpose were to foster cohesiveness and continue to make WFC the best place to work. The engagement was high and communications lively. We will continue to hold these forums every quarter.

Senior staff embraced the new benefits to caregivers and there was a productive exchange of ideas on how to continue to implement improvements. One outcome of the meeting is that we will be conducting focus groups with caregivers to drill down to any concerns and solicit feedback on our programs.

WFC is “Best-in-Class” for Satisfaction

Workforce First is not only paying off in caregiver benefits and recruiting but our clients and caregivers continue to register exceptionally high satisfaction. We are proud to have once again received three performance awards from Home Care Pulse. These awards include 2022’s Best of Home Care® Best-in-Class recognition for multiple years.
► Leader in Experience (2019-2022)
► Provider of Choice (2017-2022)
► Employer of Choice (2016-2022)

To be recognized as a Best of Home Care® – Leader in Experience is a great distinction. It’s the highest award a home care agency can earn from Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm. Recipients represent the top 15% of agencies participating in the Home Care Pulse Experience Management Program and have proven that they provide quality care across every satisfaction category measured by Home Care Pulse.


Best of Home Care® – Provider of Choice Agency is based on our own clients’ experience ratings. This recognition assures that the agency is trustworthy and has proven their ability to provide outstanding in-home care services.



Best of Home Care® – Employer of Choice Agency is based on our own caregivers’ experience ratings. Agencies that have earned this award are best-in-class for caregiver satisfaction and confident in their caregivers who focus on excellent care for their clients.


The vision for WFC has been to provide a home care agency that goes above and beyond in the home care space. This vision is inclusive not only of our clients but also of our caregivers. And we are accomplishing it with the best staff in the business.

Westchester Family Care Inc. assists people of all ages, by customizing home care plans to maintain healthy quality of life and safety at home.

Contact WFC for an immediate family need or when planning for future needs:

Westchester Family Care Provides Peace of Mind and Confidence that the Elderly Are Safe and Living with Dignity in Their Own Home.


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