COVID Stories of Care | Gratitude to Our Longtime Clients and Senior Care Partners

Notes from Glenn entering the 9th week of supporting our Clients and Caregivers, with office team & nurses working remotely. 

New WFC Website Feature – Client Stories

We’ve been using these updates to report on COVID stories of care, including accounts of losing our beloved clients to the virus. This week we are adding more detailed Client Stories about longtime clients who’ve recently passed from other causes.  The first of these stories are about Doris & Marcus Wand Shirley Z.  We will be adding more of these stories from our team in the coming weeks.

water color couple

Puzzles and Snacks for Briarcliff Rehab

Last week, WFC provided puzzles and snacks for the residents at Briarcliff Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care. These activities and delicious tidbits provided some relief and fun for those feeling the isolation of Coronavirus.

Here’s how Catherine Lanza, our Director of Business Development, described it:

On Tuesday, May 12, I was thrilled to bring a little joy to the residents of The Briarcliff Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care.

Forty-Two lucky residents received a full-size puzzle book, (large print of course), a pen to do the puzzles, and a choice of a snack, some of the snacks reminded me of my childhood!  I was greeted by Sandra Sindaco, the Director of Recreation.

Sandra said we made the resident’s day – “It was like Christmas around here”.  We are spreading good will and joy again and will continue to do so through the pandemic and beyond.

Thank you, Briarcliff Rehab for letting us make your residents happy!


Memories Brought to You from Robert Klein

Robert Klein, the Comedian, who lives locally, was kind enough to donate several signed autobiographies and memorabilia for WFC to distribute to our clients and to share with our healthcare and senior residence partners. These are particularly poignant since so many of our clients remember Robert Klein from Broadway, the very first HBO stand-up comedy show, his own comedy tours and countless appearances on Johnny Carson and other late-night shows.

Our deepest thanks to a real COVID hero, Robert Klein!



We Summon the Heroes

And finally, here are eight minutes of joyous Fanfare music composed by John Williams, Conductor Laureate of the Boston Pops Orchestra. This was originally written to ‘summon’ athlete heroes of the world to L.A. for the Summer Olympics of 1996.

John Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops, sets an amazing example of remote work with a Zoom symphony of the very same Fanfare but dedicates it to a different set of heroes who are sacrificing everyday: the medical community, police, firefighters, grocery workers and delivery people. Enjoy!

Some Friday Fun for the WFC Team

We are doing twice daily Zoom meetings with our office and nursing team every morning and afternoon.  Catherine who also spreads cheer within the team as well as our partners had the idea of everyone bringing a picture from their youth on a recent Friday afternoon call.  This was a lot of fun for the entire team and much needed light moment at the end of the week.  I was able to do my part with an interesting “then and now” with a painting of myself from 1973 which was done by Misha Podryski a lifelong friend of my Grandfather Sam Lane.  It turns out the pose at 14 was similar to my current corpofrate photo although neither has a similarity to my current COVID look.

glen1973Glenn in 1973

glen-nowGlenn in 20??


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