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Local Resources for Seniors and Caregivers in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Did you know 29% of seniors that live in Connecticut are living alone? As we age, activities of daily living become more difficult to accomplish, and being alone can make things complicated.

Whether you are a senior, caregiver, or loved one looking for help, it’s not always easy finding available resources in the local community — that’s why we created this guide just for you!

Here’s a collection of some of the most helpful senior and caregiver resources in Fairfield County:

Need help? Westchester Family Care offers home care for seniors in Fairfield County. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance with in-home carecompanionship, or transportation.


Senior Nutrition Programs

Food security is important to maintain a good quality of life. State and township funded meal programs are available to provide seniors with healthy, balanced meals.

For homebound seniors and those unable to prepare their own meals, the following senior meal programs are available in Fairfield County.

(Don’t see your town below? Additional details and locations for Fairfield County can be found here: Western ConnecticutSouthwestern Connecticut)


Congregate Meals

Congregate meals in Fairfield County offer adults over 60 an affordable way to get the nutrition they need. Often held at local Fairfield County senior centers, congregate meals provide a great social setting for meeting other seniors in the community. Nutrition education and counseling are also offered.

Home Delivered Meals

For homebound seniors, meal delivery programs offer a great way to maintain a well-balanced diet and can be a great assistance to those caring for a homebound loved one. Many programs, like Meals-On-Wheels, provide services Monday through Friday.

Home delivered meal services in Fairfield County, CT:


Food Pantries

Food pantries offer food for families in emergency situations. Thanks to the donations and the generosity of the local community in Fairfield County, there are many food pantries available to those in need.

Additional food pantries in Connecticut can be found on FoodPantries.org.

Senior Centers & Transportation

The senior centers of Fairfield County all share a common mission: Enabling seniors to live their lives to the fullest through providing access to transportation and wellness education as well as opportunities for involvement in community activities and socialization.

To learn more about upcoming events and community programs for seniors, or to coordinate transportation services in Fairfield County, contact your local senior center:

Transportation provided by senior centers may be limited. For personal transportation services, local home care agencies can be of assistance.

Disability Parking Permits

For seniors with disabilities or designated caregivers, parking permits are available to those who qualify. If you need a parking permit, you can complete the parking permit application for the state of Connecticut and submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


AARP Connecticut

For adults 50 and older, you are eligible for AARP membership. Seniors who take advantage of an AARP membership receive benefits such as discounts on insurance, travel, and even some local stores in Fairfield County. AARP also provides active seniors with the opportunity to stay involved and volunteer in the community.

To stay up-to-date on community events, news, and volunteer opportunities follow your local AARP chapter.

Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter

The Alzheimer’s Association Chapter in Connecticut offers information and support to families dealing with the effects of dementia. For locals of Fairfield County in need of help, educational seminars and support groups are provided including:

  • Family training
  • Care consultation
  • Safe return training
  • Support groups
  • Educational programs

For more information, contact the Fairfield County office in Norwalk.

Support for Caregivers

Caregivers need support too! It’s common for caregivers to put their well-being to the side to support a family member or loved one. This can lead to caregiver burnout which isn’t good for you or the one you’re caring for.

To help caregivers get the personal time they need, Connecticut offers statewide programs to support paid and family caregivers alike.

The Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program (CSRCP)

To support caregivers in Connecticut, the CSRCP offers financial assistance through agency services paid for by the state. The program subsidizes up to $7,500 worth of services a year, which caregivers can use to flex their schedules and clear up some personal time.

For more information on CSRCP, view the brochure.

Planning for senior hospital discharge

The National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP)

The NFCSP program provides unpaid family caregivers with training, supplemental service, and respite care relief. Services range from home care counseling to offering assistance with home modifications (ex: stair lifts and ramps).

For more information on NFCSP, view the brochure.

Home Care Services in Fairfield County

While there are many resources local to Fairfield County, there may still be times when you need additional support to help your loved one remain independent. Westchester Family Care offers home care services that allow seniors to age in the comfort of their own home.

Westchester Family Care provides senior services including:

Contacting Westchester Family Care for in-home care is easy!

Our compassionate care team will answer any questions you have and walk you through the process of getting in-home care.

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