Cantave Philippe


Meet Cantave Philippe, one of Westchester Family Care’s longest-serving caregivers, working with us for six years. We celebrate Cantave for all his years of service and wish him a heartfelt Good Luck as he makes plans to return to South Florida to be closer to family.

Thirty-plus years ago, Cantave began his home care career in South Florida when his wife was working in a nursing home. His motivation was driven by associating himself with the aging seniors he worked with and striving to give them the best care possible.

“I see myself in these people, and one of these days I’ll need care too. That makes me want to do a good job because I want people to take good care of me when it’s my time. We are all human beings; not perfect. When you take the time to care, it makes you more compassionate.”

Cantave Phillippe, Caregiver

Cantave’s clients have benefited from his years in our field and from the varied experiences he’s had doing home care in every type of venue – mental health facility, retirement home, nursing homes, hospitals, and private homes. Along the way, he’s taken every training opportunity to reach higher levels of certification and licensing – he’s been a CNA, a Medical Assistant, a Mental Health worker, and is a New York State Certified Home Health Aide. During his early days of working in South Florida, he even had a second job in law enforcement.

Here in New York, Cantave says the most worthwhile experiences of his career have been with WFC. In particular, he considers the 99-year-old client he had been working work with for sixteen months to be a “gentleman and a good teacher.” Cantave worked a 12-hour shift, providing personal care, making sure his client has nutritious meals, and keeping his apartment tidy. In return, Cantave “learned a lot from him.” It’s this level of caring and humility that have made Cantave a special WFC caregiver.


Some of the things that Cantave likes most about working with WFC have been:

  • “They take care of everything for you. They offer great benefits and give you time off for major holidays.”
  • “They are well-organized, there are great communications with the HHAs, they are always available, and they are well-established.”
  • “They send only the best caregivers to their clients.”

Let’s close with an excerpt from a note Cantave sent as he prepared to leave: “It’s been a great experience working with all of you for the past six years. I find Mr. Glenn Lane to be the best boss I ever knew in the healthcare business. Mr. Kenneth Thompson is very charismatic, a gentleman who works hard to find me work assignments. Ms. Irene Flaherty is a very patient nurse.”

“I wish Westchester Family Care, Inc. to continue being the leader of the home health care industry.”

Cantave, WFC and your clients will miss you. Good luck and safe travels.