Doris Igiebor-Ferraiolo


October Caregiver of the Month

Meet Doris Igiebor-Ferraiolo, a certified Home Health Aide (HHA) at Westchester Family Care Inc. Doris has been a practicing caregiver since2009, both in Italy and the United States. We congratulate Doris, who has been recognized as WFC’s October Caregiver of the Month for her outstanding home care services. 

Doris brings an extraordinarily diverse and rich cultural background to the job. Originally from Trinidad, Doris emigrated to Italy to study over thirty years ago. She met and married her husband and raised her four children there. She is certified as a CNA and an HHA and has had a rewarding caregiving career in Italy for ten years and in the USA for three years.

Doris’s warm-hearted disposition and bilingual skills have contributed to her success as a caregiver. She always looks for worthwhile activities to do with her clients and provide them good company.

No matter who they areI work with them with all my heart. If you love the job, everything will be lovely.”

Doris came to our agency after a few years of working in Connecticut. She was initially attracted to WFC because of what she considers generous benefits, especially the paid sick and vacation days, and the “good pay.”


Doris also has come to appreciate the team camaraderie at WFC. She cites the “respect for Aides” that the agency has. Plus, they take care of their people. 

“They give you respect and appreciate your value. I once had a difficult situation, and they sent a taxi to pick me up right away.”

We think you’re pretty special too, Doris. Congrats on becoming our October Caregiver of the Month – very well-deserved.