Eric Tenyah


Meet Eric Tenyah, a certified Home Health Aide, (HHA) at Westchester Family Care Inc. (WFC) and our November 2020 Caregiver of the Month. What’s more, this is the second time that Eric has earned the Caregiver of the Month distinction. Congrats and Thanks, Eric!

Eric has been an HHA for six years and, fortunately for WFC, has been with us for the past three years. He attributes his success at caregiving to building solid client relationships based on honesty, trust, and making the interaction between client and caregiver as comfortable as possible. He also feels he has a good sense of determining differences in clients’ behavioral patterns and customizing the particular plan of care to suit the needs at hand.

Oh, and one more thing: it’s fun! Eric looks for the good in everyone and prides himself on using his sense of humor to build happy relationships with clients.

“Right from the start of being a caregiver, I appreciated that I’m walking into someone’s home who has taken care of himself all his life. Now it’s my turn to help him out. I think talking to each other and sharing experiences is an important part of the job and cracking jokes help me get there. Once you’re both on the same level, and it’s based on having a fun relationship, it becomes enjoyable for the client.”

– Eric Tenyah, HHA and Two-Time WFC Caregiver of the Month

Eric attributes his award-winning level of care to decidedly serious capabilities: punctuality, dedication, and commitment. His experience in accounting and management in Ghana before he came to the United States affords him an appreciation of small details and for the notion that no two clients are the same. He actively learns from every caregiving experience and makes a rule not to bring expectations into a new client collaboration. He reports that clients like the way he talks to them and look forward to seeing Eric again.


He also credits his success to the involvement and prep work he gets from the WFC management team. Eric says he walks into a new case very well prepared and well-briefed by the nursing staff and coordinators. Depending on the circumstance, a nurse may arrive with him to demonstrate any assistance needed for a particular client. 

And for his efforts, it makes him feel good to be recognized by WFC and incentivizing him to do more.

“I always try to do my best. The WFC coordinator is so good at knowing who I am and matching me with the right client. I’m called way ahead of time and told a lot about the case before the case starts so I already feel prepared.”

– Eric Tenyah

Thanks again, Eric. You are one of the big reasons for WFC’s success during the five years since we opened our doors.