Germaine Bennett-Buckeridge Caregiver of the Month

Meet Germaine Bennett–Buckeridge, a recently-honored Caregiver of the Month at Westchester Family Care. Germaine singles out her upbringing in Jamaica as one of the contributors that have gone into her skill set as a caregiver. “I come from Jamaica, where the culture is very caring. Also, my mother taught me about caring, and my aunt was an RN.”

Germaine is both a licensed Home Health Aide (HHA) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA.) While she’s been a professional caregiver for the past twenty-two years, Germaine also credits her prior eleven years working in the hotel industry as a positive influence on her caregiving proficiency.

“My work in the hotel dining room taught me that presentation is everything, and my time at the front desk helped me understand the value of communications; rapport with the guests is #1.”

Germaine’s caregiving cases have been long engagements. A family on Long Island heard of Germaine through her aunt, the nurse, which led to her first caregiving job. She stayed with them for six years. Another Long Island case lasted three years. She then had a long engagement of eight years, taking care of a family’s two children. Before WFC, she worked with two clients at an assisted living facility for six years.

Germaine was referred to WFC by Joedian Clarke, who is herself, another WFC Caregiver of the Month honoree. See:

Germaine was attracted to WFC by Joedian’s description of it being very family-oriented and “all the things they do for their employees.” She now works closely with Kenneth Thompson, WFC Home Care Coordinator, who Germaine feels is “like a Dad or a Big Brother to meHe is exceptional and has a great communications “touch.”

Soon after joining WFC, Germaine took on a case – caregiving for a married couple. The couple had been married for sixty-two years. The wife’s health was declining while her husband’s cognitive declined.

“This started not out being an easy case, but now we have a good working relationship.”

Unfortunately, the wife passed away eight months after Germaine began the assignment.

“The couple’s WFC Nurse called to give me the news. The couple’s son encouraged her that it would be good to have me come over and take care of his dad because the dad and I get along so well. I rushed over. I stayed there until the funeral home arrived.”


Since the loss of his wife, the husband has been upset and still mourns her absence. However, Germaine’s particular style of caregiving provides some comfort and is appreciated by the family.

“He seems to enjoy and welcome the care I give him. I make him a complete breakfast every morning. I also take photos to share with his son. He writes back to me, ‘This is what the King ate this morning.’”

“We (the other three WFC caregivers and nurse) stay focused and pay attention to any changes with the client’s mood, health, and hygiene. The team has an excellent rapport.”

Germaine also appreciates the oversight responsibilities WFC provides to both clients and caregivers.

“They are on top of everything and regularly inform us of what’s new in home care. With COVID, the WFC nurse has been great about making sure we‘re following mask restrictions, wearing gloves, and hand-washing routines.”

“Plus, they went out of their way to reward me for handling the immediate circumstances around the  client’s death. I really liked that about them.”

We like you too, Germaine, and feel lucky to have you working with us on such a complex case. Congratulations on the February Caregiver of the Month distinction.