Jade-Ann Jackson


Meet Jade-Ann Jackson, a certified Home Health Aide (HHA) at Westchester Family Care Inc. (WFC). Jade-Ann graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Health in 2013. Upon graduation, she was ready to help make people’s lives better by safeguarding their health.

What brought Jade-Ann to WFC? 

Before coming to WFC, Jade-Ann was working caring for children. Westchester Family saw Jade-Ann’s resume on an online job site and thought she was a great candidate for WFC’s Home Health Aide role. She was invited to interview, “And the rest is history!”

WFC did not disappoint!

The company, says Jade-Ann, is terrific. “They are supportive and provide you with everything you need to care for your clients at a high standard of care. They also make sure that you and your clients mesh well. And if not, they’ll make changes.”


True to her public health background, Jade Ann feels she can be helpful to clients when she accompanies them to doctors’ appointments, pharmacies, or hospitals. Making sure her clients understand what is said in an appointment is important to Jade. She believes it is important to know how to age successfully. She says she is learning too!

What makes Jade-Ann unique? Jade-Ann says kindness and patience gets you through the occasional bump.

“Things are not always easy for the people we care for at WFC. I try to make them feel loved. I had a client who was young at heart. She wanted her hair just so, and her make-up done every day. So, I would do that for her. Just the little things.”