Joedian Clarke

Meet Joedian Clarke, a certified Home Health Aide (HHA) who joined Westchester Family Care (WFC) in Fall 2021. She has been a practicing caregiver since 2006, both in her home country of Jamaica and in the USA since 2013. Joedian specializes in providing caregiving for clients having challenging issues, i.e., dementia. For her efforts at WFC, she was recently recognized as Caregiver of the Month, just a few months after joining WFC.

Caregiving began for Joedian when she assumed care duties for her father in Jamaica during the last two years of his life. She tended to her dad’s personal care needs and the cleaning, cooking, and shopping for the household.

Joedian’s first caregiving position in the United States was at a New Jersey assisted living facility, followed by 7-8 years of providing in-home care to two individual clients. She earned her first HHA certification in New Jersey and subsequently obtained the New York State HHA certification.

From the beginning of her interactions with WFC, Joedian embraced its unique family-like environment, especially compared to other agencies where she had worked. She participated in a Job Fair managed by WFC’s John Palma, HR Specialist. After being hired, she met John and Melanie de Villiers, HR Director, at orientation. And she deals continuously with Kenneth Thompson, Home Care Coordinator, on placement and scheduling issues.

They are all just the best and so nice: so easy to talk to and ready to satisfy my needs. Kenny is like a father to me. I have recommended WFC to a caregiver friend who is starting up here soon. Also, the nursing staff is great.”

Joedian’s primary client at WFC, with whom she spends five days per week / 9 hours per day, has Alzheimer’s disease. Effective caregiving for people living with dementia involves determining appropriate ways to deal with their mood swings.

Joedian found that following a predictable routine works. She drives the client to the park every Tuesday and Thursday for exercise. The regularity of the schedule and the physical activity itself are calming therapy for the client. “After the exercise in the park, we drive around in my car; other days, we go to her church. It makes me happy to see her smile. I feel so good in my heart to see her smiling.”


Joedian’s mom passed away from COVID. She was only 74, and it was a sudden, sad and difficult time for her. Joedian says she learned about the power of family from the WFC team which closed ranks and supported her through the ordeal.

Everyone at WFC was especially comforting at that time. They sent me flowers and Melanie called to check up on me. Plus, I was able to borrow money from a special fund they’ve set up for their caregivers with emergencies. I know I’ll never find that kindness at other agencies.”

Joedian now feels that WFC has become her family. “They treat me so well. Plus, Kenny is from Jamaica, like me. We speak to each other in Patois, which makes WFC feel like home.

We agree with Joedian that she has become part of our WFC family. We appreciate all her hard work and the long hours she put in. In addition to the full-time job with her Alzheimer’s client, Joedian also cares for a different client every other Saturday. It’s one of the many reasons she was selected as a Caregiver of the Month, and we look forward to working with her going forward.