Michelle Lyons


Meet Michelle Lyons, a compassionate Certified Home Health Aide at Westchester Family Care, who has cared for aging seniors for twelve+ years. She has a very diverse and deep in-home care knowledge base through her personal and professional experiences.

Michelle joined WFC as a caregiver in our early days five years ago. She has provided care for clients with Parkinson’s, dementia, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. We’ve honored Michelle as a WFC Caregiver of the Month and recently promoted her to a new position for the company as Caregiver Peer Liaison.

Michelle’s compassionate approach to caregiving derives from treating each client as an independent case. She enjoys the challenges posed by the various clients’ conditions she deals with daily. Working with the WFC nurse’s care plan, Michelle sets about tending for the client based on their individual needs.

“No two clients are alike, and they shouldn’t be treated with the same approach or style. I focus my attention on the individual’s differences. This is what drew me into the field in the first place – I get a ‘high’ off caring for people.”

– Michelle Lyons, WFC Certified Home Health Aide

Michelle cites WFC’s high standards as enhancing the level of care provided to each client. These protocols include daily caregiver logins, checking for COVID symptoms, mandatory mask-wearing, and using the PPE gear provided by WFC. Clients are routinely checked for signs of COVID and other health issues as well.

In first applying for a caregiver position with WFC, Michelle appreciated the company’s dedicated persistence in interviewing protocols and processing her credentials and application. “The company is rigorous in its onboarding, which I liked after working at other agencies.” At that point, Michelle started to work exclusively with WFC, and five years later, she has come to appreciate the company’s “family-oriented workplace.”

In her newly created role as Caregiver Peer Liaison, Michelle has stepped into an important new role. She continues as one of our active, senior caregivers and now also promotes caregiver advocacy by offering a different contact point for our HHAs – with a peer who isn’t their supervisor, nurse, or coordinator.

She provides a support system for all new caregivers starting up with WFC and helps to get them up and running smoothly on the job. She’ll accompany them to client homes as they first get acquainted with our clients and in-home practices. Michelle lets them know which department needs to be contacted with schedule changes, get help with clinicals, or make requests for items like PPE. She ensures that caregivers get the hours they want and are well-matched with clients based on wants and needs.


Michelle credits WFC’s Founder, Glenn Lane, with setting the family “tone” and treating caregivers with the same level of care as clients. “He genuinely strives to make sure all caregivers are OK. He sends out personal emails to check on how we’re doing. WFC is the most caring employer I’ve ever worked for.” She also describes WFC as a fun place to work — there are catered events, even in winter, replete with raffles, door prizes, and massages.

In the end, Michelle goes back to her Caribbean home roots to explain her passion for home care. She considers the women she grew up to be “natural nurturers.” She lived in a family environment where nurses cared for family members when needed. “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I grew up to choose a caring and passionate profession.

We are glad you chose caregiving as your career, Michelle. And we’re happy to have had you on board for all these years.