Sherry Green

sherry green

Meet Sherry Green, a certified Home Health Aide, (HHA) at Westchester Family Care Inc. (WFC). We congratulate Sherry for having been recently been honored as our WFC Caregiver of the Month for her outstanding home care services. Sherry has been an in-home caregiver for eight years. She joined WFC after attending one of our Career Fairs and has offered her special brand of personal care for two years with our clients.

Sherry’s interest in becoming a licensed HHA began with a heartwarming story when she was a stocking clerk at Shoprite. She found herself wanting to help disabled customers at the store. One day she was helping a legally blind person obtain a taste sample from the Deli counter, and a shopper, a professional healthcare professional, took Sherry aside afterward. She remarked that she had been observing Sherry helping all kinds of people in the store, especially elderly ones. This healthcare worker suggested that Sherry would be a good candidate for in-home caregiving.

Sherry found her way to a White Plains agency which is where she obtained her HHA certification. She spent six years with the agency, mostly taking care of 2 different clients in the same apartment building. Sherry and a client developed a close relationship: he was a retired attorney getting on in years and didn’t have much family and grew very attached to Sherry. He gave her financial advice and she assisted him with his walker, then his wheelchair, and finally taking care of his personal needs when he became bed bound.

Since joining WFC, Sherry has been caring for the same two clients. She believes the commitment developed with each client over time deepens the level of care she delivers and strengthens the special bond between client and caregiver. She feels both clients are like her family – they include her on special occasions and holidays and exchanges presents for birthdays.

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Sherry loves working with WFC:

“I put them on a higher scale than other agencies. The staff and nurses are caring and communicate so well with me. They always have my back and if I ever need anything, they help me out with it.”

Her bond with WFC grew even stronger during COVID. Sherry lives with her sister and niece and 2 brothers and needed to move into a hotel room when she, herself, contracted COVID. WFC paid for her meals and the nurses constantly called her, checking her condition and ordering food deliveries. Sherry never missed a paycheck for which she is especially grateful.

When Sherry learned she was named Caregiver of the Month, she was shocked and got so excited. She gives it her all at 100% and we feel very lucky to have Sherry Green with us. Congrats again, Sherry!