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The 2021 Anniversary of A Weekend to Remember

Glenn’s Introduction to Home Care

In March 2021, we asked our Founder, Glenn Lane, to tell us about how he came to decide to open a private home care agency. Please see: From The Founder – March 23, 2021

Since that time, Glenn frequently hears examples about how the care being offered by WFC goes beyond what’s traditionally provided in private home care. All of which goes back to that “weekend to remember”, which happened to be a Memorial Day weekend several years ago.

Update from Glenn:

Every long holiday weekend, I reflect on how the experience I had with my parents resulted in proactive policies which are having a positive effect on our clients. For instance, WFC is open 24 hours, with on call managers and nurses. We are always ready to accept new clients nights and weekends, including holiday weekends at their home or within a facility:

  • A WFC Registered Nurse is available to assess a new client and complete the Care Plan;
  • Caregivers can start care, following the Care Plan and establish a routine for the new clients;
  • This can occur with planning during regular business hours and also on shorter notice or on nights, weekends and holidays as needed.

As Assisted and Independent Living facilities are opening to visitors and family members, post-pandemic, WFC is ready to assist clients living in those facilities. We have vital relationships with many adult living facilities in our area. For Assisted Living clients, WFC offers to supplement the care they’re receiving from the facility and for those who are in Independent Living, we can provide any level of care needed. We also offer companion services In Skilled Nursing Facilities where family members want a more immediate escalation to the facility staff to respond to their loved ones’ needs.

caregiver walking old person to car

We recently received the following observation from a partner adult living facility, congratulating our WFC caregiver on her personal care skills with a returning WFC client living at the facility:

  1. “Caregiver gave client a shower, got her dressed and is taking her to Facility Hair Salon.”
  2. “Facility staff commenting on the “new” Client – she’s dressed now, waits for “my aide” every morning and is now getting her hair done!”
  3. “Kudos to our Caregiver!”

Supplemental and Full-Service Care have always been an important part of our service offerings to clients in adult living care facilities from Day One. We’re happy for the feedback from our partner facility and grateful to see how policies stimulated by my “weekend to remember” are faring in real-life circumstances.

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