We Stand in Solidarity with Our Asian American Communities


Women are naturally warm and nurturing.

Black men have greater athletic capabilities than other men.

Asians are naturally smart.

This is how Michael C. Bush, CEO at Great Place to Work® began a newsletter just days after six Chinese and Korean American women were among the eight killed in Atlanta on March 16th. While these are all positive assertions about population segments, Michael Bush calls them out for what they are: stereotypes that have been woven into the fabric of our culture over time: through media, government policies, education systems and in the workplace.

WFC stands in solidarity with Asian and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, and condemns all acts of violence, stereotyping, and action perpetuated by racism.


We do not believe that Asian Americans are the “perpetual foreigner” – immigrants who constantly struggle and never assimilate. Nor are they the “model minority” — upwardly mobile, educated and eager-to-fit-in immigrant.

The Stop AAIP Hate National Report documents that there have been at least 3,800 hate incidents against Asian Americans since the pandemic started. And that’s just what has gotten reported.

The women who worked and died at Young’s Asian Massage, Gold Spa and Aromatherapy Spa lived in an America as ‘stereotypical’ as apple pie. They were mothers, grandmothers, a business owner, a former schoolteacher, a business owner, and they enjoyed line dancing and soap operas.

Since the Atlanta shootings, Michael Bush observes that we are seeing “something that was not commonplace in 2019 and prior: a massive wave of solidarity statements.”

Against that backdrop, we return to the reflections and pledges in support of Black Lives Matter that George Floyd’s murder has inspired:

The foundation of the home care industry is built on delivering quality care with respect, dignity, and compassion.

  • At WFC, we value the diversity of our caregivers, nurses, and office professionals as well as all of the clients who are equally entitled to be treated in a respectful, dignified, and compassionate manner.
  • We are about people taking care of people.
  • We are a diverse group of people taking care of others, regardless of race, religion, or gender.
  • Respect, compassion, and inclusivity are encompassed in our values.
  • We will continue to treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We will continue to value one another.
  • We can and will do more.

stop asian hate

We support all who are working for the causes of justice and equality, as we continue to help build a more inclusive world.

WFC encourages all to find ways to support organizations making a direct impact in our communities around anti-Asian violence and harassment.

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