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Westchester Family Care (WFC) takes the threats posed by COVID 19 seriously, especially given the number of positive cases in our Westchester County service area.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that older adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions are at higher risk of getting very sick from this illness.

WFC has put several measures into place to protect the health of our clients.


Four Ways WFC is Handling Coronavirus Threats

  1. We participate in regular calls with New York State and City Departments of Health and the Centers for Disease Control to ensure that we have the latest guidance.
  2. We have educated all our caregivers about COVID 19, its symptoms, steps to take proactively and reporting protocols.
  3. WFC nurses are assessing risks to both caregiver and client during home visits, and a screening tool is used for any caregiver missing work and new client inquiries.
  4. We are prepared to follow up with care providers and regional health departments, as required.


All of our clients are advised to report any changes in their health status immediately so that we can assist in getting them the right care in the right place.  We pass along the CDC guidelines to recognizing signs of COVID 19 – mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath and/or pneumonia.


Precaution and Proactivity Are Our Watchwords

At the same time, we are encouraging all clients to take the following proactive precautions:

  • Maintain a minimum of a fourteen-day-supply of medications, food, medical and personal supplies on hand at all times, including a thermometer;
  • Limit visitors to a minimum and to stay away from large gatherings to decrease the risk of exposure to the virus;
  • Review educational material from CDC we also send to every client household, in order to increase awareness.



What You Need to Know about COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

Cover Your Cough

Hand Hygiene Technique with Alcohol-Based Formulation


A Warning about Fraud Schemes Related to the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all work together to deal with this public health crisis, we would caution everyone, but especially seniors, to be mindful of scams related to the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, the FBI warns that scammers are trying to leverage the panic to steal money and/or personal information from unsuspecting victims. The FBI warns seniors to be on the lookout for the following: 

  • Fake emails from the CDC or other known agencies that claim to have information about the virus and ask you to click a link. These links could contain malware that may steal your information or lock your device until payment is received.
  • Phishing emails from government agencies or organizations asking you to provide personal information in order to receive an economic stimulus check or airline carrier refund, make a charitable contribution, or purchase a vaccine or testing kit.
  • Fake treatments or equipment, including sanitizing products and personal protective equipment (PPE), that are in very short supply. These counterfeit products may be defective or even dangerous to use. 


Please read the full FBI warning on COVID-19 fraud schemes here


It’s important to be aware of these fraud schemes and to protect yourself against them. You can do this by researching before you click on a link, never providing any personal information to an email or robocall, and paying close attention to grammar, domain accuracy, etc. If something looks suspicious, it probably is. You can also visit the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center to report a crime or any suspicious activity. 


Westchester Family Care Is Here for You

During this difficult period, we are on high alert to do our best to keep staff, caregivers and clients and their families healthy and safe. We urge all to regularly check the CDC’s Novel Coronavirus webpage for updates.  Additionally, the NYS Department of Health has excellent information on prevention and the latest news on its Novel Coronavirus webpage as well.


Westchester Family Care Inc. assists people of all ages, by customizing home care plans to maintain a healthy quality of life and safety at home.


Contact WFC for an immediate family need or when planning for future needs:,


Westchester Family Care Provides Peace of Mind and Confidence that the Elderly Are Safe and Living with Dignity in Their Own Home.

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