WFC Seventh Anniversary Year in Review 2022

Workforce First in Force

Since our inception seven years ago, WFC has set out to be a different kind of home care agency: one that cares as deeply for our caregivers as much as our clients. As a result, we have always offered innovative programs to attract and retain the best caregivers in the business through our industry-leading programs.



We began 2022 by implementing our Workforce First strategic plan, instituting increased investments in our people through compensation, benefits, recognition, and other caregiver-centric initiatives. See Workforce First Blog for details.

2022 Highlights

New Position – Employee Services Manager
We’ve added a new role specifically to focus on the satisfaction of our employees. The position functions as a bridge between Coordination and Human Resources to ensure our caregivers have the best experience possible at WFC. Filling the role is our highly experienced Keisha Terry who has worked deeply with all departments.


Team Building

We instituted a Team Building Initiative in 2022. At a Kickoff Session, Andrea Brown, President/CEO of AB Coaching and Consulting, conducted a company-wide training session to improve interactions with caregivers. In a series of continual follow-ups, the entire team – office staff, management, nurses, and caregivers – discussed and implemented different strategies to enhance the agency operations.


Team Spirit and Engagement

An unintended but positive byproduct of our practices during the COVID pandemic was an even greater sense of team spirit and engagement with each other. The result has been a heightened level of fellowship throughout the agency.

Founder Glenn Lane observes that the closeness began while working exclusively on Zoom through the pandemic. It made it easier to have multiple touchpoints. Post-COVID, the office now runs on a hybrid basis, with key administrative players working together rotating in the office and remotely. 

Glenn Lane: We are a more cohesive team; our caregivers are extremely engaged; and all WFC communities – caregivers, nursing staff, office staff, and management – are communicating with each other more effectively than ever.”


Bereavement Support

We are proud to be among the first statewide home care agencies to officially launch a set of bereavement protocols for our caregivers. WFC leadership participated in a 6-month workshop to address bereavement issues comprising home care agencies across New York State. We began hosting a bi-monthly Bereavement Support Group in 2022.

Please see details in our Bereavement Support for Caregivers blog.


Hardship Fund

We continue to support our innovative Employee Hardship Fund launched in 2020 — “Westchester Family Care Grant Circle.” It is designed to help workers who face immediate unexpected financial issues such as those related to housing, medical, or car repairs.


New Caregiver HHA Training Program Location

WFC is very proud to celebrate the opening in Mamaroneck of our second Caregiver HHA Training Program location. This Southern Recruitment Facility joins with our Northern Facility in Katonah and offers easy access from Westchester and the Bronx to WFC’s caregiver education and training classes.


Complexity of Client Care

WFC has always had the capacity to handle complex client cases; in 2022, we onboarded several more of these cases. The complicated cases require added caregiving, care management, and nursing hours, especially when two family members need care.

At the time of the initial assessment, we determine whether one or both members of the couple will require care. If care of both is called for, a separate Individual Plan of Care is created for each to ensure each person’s care needs are met and both remain safe.


Satisfaction Results: Clients and Caregivers

We are grateful for the high satisfaction ratings WFC continues to receive as measured by Home Care Pulse’s independent research of our own clients’ experiences. The Leader Award is the highest a home care agency can earn, representing only the top 15% participating in the program.


We are equally proud of consistently receiving high satisfaction ratings from our caregivers who derive job fulfillment from working one-on-one with clients in the safety and comfort of an in-home setting.


These awards include the 2022 Best of Home Care®: 

  • Leader in Experience 
  • Provider of Choice 
  • Employer of Choice 


Geriatric Care Management

WFC Founder Glenn Lane is a co-chair of the Westchester unit of NYC chapter of Aging Life Care Association (ALCA.) Geriatric Care Managers are professionals with whom we regularly interact as we work together on mutual clients. In Westchester region, geriatric care managers play an essential role for those family members who are too busy to handle the daily details of their older parent’s life. The adult children of WFC’s clients tend to be busy professionals, like attorneys, accountants, doctors, corporate CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

We are honored to be a part of this new networking / educational group. Please see our blog on Geriatric Care Management. 


COVID, Flu, and Other Respiratory Virus Precautions

We continue to protect our employees and clients against COVID and other infections. 

  • We’ve never stopped masking practices — WFC proudly supplies our workforce with the Powecom® KN95 Mask to safeguard interactions with our clients and all office activities against transmitting COVID. We are happy to partner with Bill Taubner’s organization, Bona Fide Masks Corp., a part of the Ball Chain Mfg. Co., Inc. family of companies. which holds the exclusive Powecom® KN95 Mask rights in the US and Canada.



  • We still mandate that all employees be COVID vaccinated and up-to-date with boosters.
  • We continue daily screenings for any symptoms. 
  • WFC continues to make available extra COVID sick pay for team members. Anyone experiencing COVID symptoms or exposed to COVID receives extra sick pay, so they do not feel they need to work sick for financial needs. This is in addition to our standard sick pay coverage. 


Hiring Events and Creative Thinking for Recruitment

A webinar hosted by featured Founder Glenn Lane on hiring events and creative thinking for recruitment. Glenn detailed a need for teamwork on all events and strategies for managing virtual events.


Alzheimer’s Association: Meeting of the Minds

WFC was proud to participate again in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Meeting of the Minds Conference. This year we were a Silver Sponsor of the Hudson Valley chapter’s return to a live venue featuring specialists covering issues vital to Dementia.


New Life Baptist Church Event Sponsor

WFC was gratified to sponsor New Life Baptist Church’s Back-to-School Giveaway event in Mount Vernon. We offered advice on opportunities for employment, job training and placement.


New Rochelle Bar Association Sponsor

WFC was proud to sponsor New Rochelle Bar Association’s Installation of Officers & Board. Congratulations to the new President, David Lacher and to Adam Sattler, Treasurer, in recognition of their contributions to the NRBA.  


Yonkers Public School Career Fair Participation

WFC proudly participated in The Vive School Career Fair held by Yonkers Public Schools. Their Pathways to Success Adult Education curriculum offers programs on different career paths and for those taking ESL classes. We were on hand to discuss career opportunities in Home Care.


In a year of change, we provided caregivers with new opportunities and tools and we were able to deliver services at the same exceptional level. We are proud of the team cohesion we were able to achieve in 2022. And we’re excited for 2023: new and exciting developments are already in the planning for the WFC community.


Westchester Family Care Inc. assists people of all ages, by customizing home care plans to maintain healthy quality of life and safety at home.

Contact WFC for an immediate family need or when planning for future needs:


Westchester Family Care Provides Peace of Mind and Confidence that the Elderly Are Safe and Living with Dignity in Their Own Home.

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